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Standard catamaran platform - MODCAT basic module (BM)

Design of a standard catamaran platform with the use of a single set of modular molds that allow the production of 12 different hull configurations regardless of model, boat size or brand of workboats produced.
Certification against International Maritime standards (code and classification society rules/regulations):  a complete range of technical document approved by relevant Classification societies and ready to be sold on the market.

Modular moulds production process

MODCAT modular concept

The modular moulds construction process is characterized by the set of modular moulds, the production equipment and the technical documents needed for the construction of the catamaran module (drawings, work instructions, Bill of Materials (BoM), etc

The production process is based on modularity and component standardization to assemble different length catamarans starting from a single modular mould, increase production flexibility, reducing production costs and reducing delivery time.

Hulls are symmetrical and are moulded from the same set of modular moulds. These moulds can be modified in length in order to obtain different hull lengths. The deck is moulded separately starting from a flat mould equipped with special tools that help to mould the flange. The deck is the structural element that holds together all the component of the boat, it becomes the reference for the assembly of symmetrical hulls, crossbars and deck fittings. Finally, the rigid cover is assembled utilising modular elements in pattern. Starting from standard modules it is possible to assemble different types of catamarans designed to serve different markets.

Develop a suite of project management tools tailored made on the needs of small boatyards, able to improve the construction phases coordination allowing them to use instruments that they would not otherwise had the economic strength to acquire.

With the investment currently needed to produce a single boat, MODCAT allows to develop a 12 workboats catamaran family and reduces the technical risk associated to the development of new models because the boatyard buys a workboat already tested and on the market.

After sales assistance

MODCAT team is ready to support you if additional technical document is needed or a different configuration is requested by your customer.

Furthermore, MODCAT team will be at your side to manage the modular mould production process.