1 – Technical document sales: boatyards download the basic module (BM) technical documents needed to build the workboat with the characteristics requested by the boat owner;

2 – Modular mould set sales: boatyards buy from the network the moulds needed to build the basic module (BM) to produce workboats on their own premises with their brand.

3 – Standard catamaran platform sales: boatyards buy from the network the catamaran family basic module (BM) to be assembled and customized according to the boat owner requirements.

4 – After sales services: boatyards request assistance on modular production process or changes in the standard design configuration;

5 – Web portal registration fee: to access the restricted area where you will be allowed to download the technical documents, a registration fee is requested. A non-exclusive licence is offered to those who subscribe to the network in order to build catamaran workboat with the needed technical documents.

With the registration you will became part of the MODCAT collaborative network will the following advantage:

  • boatyards and naval design SMEs network can contribute to improve the catamaran family technical features providing new design and technical document, to whom blockchain will associate the ownership;
  •  all network partners have access to technical documents stored in the database, download the needed technical documentation and automatically recognize a fee to whom has produced it;
  •  network members are allowed to take advantage to the MODCAT purchasing group, selected suppliers to fitting out the MODCAT catamaran with common and standardised equipment and products. Significant benefits are expected by contracting with suppliers a high quality/price ratio due to bulk and standardised purchases.