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Collaborative design platform

By registering their works to a blockchain, authors end up with tamper-proof evidence of ownership. Each partner, enrolled in the network, has the possibility to access the technical documents stored in the database, and producing new ones, thus increasing the know-how of the network.. Thanks to the blockchain technology, the web platform is able to univocally assign the ownership of the document and attribute a fee.

Certified technical production documents database

Technical documentation is accessed by paying a fee to the document owner.

Purchase options
Modular mould set:

The modular moulds set can be purchased by the boatyards registered on the portal at controlled prices

If the boatyard is willing to pursue the development of its portfolio based on MODCAT basic catamaran module, the best option is to equip himself with a modular mould set. He can either buy the modular mould set by the purchasing group or build it by himself downloading the required technical documentation.

Standard catamaran platform - MODCAT basic module (BM)

The catamaran family basic module is sold to boatyards with a limited request for this type of workboat.

If the boatyard receives a one shot request for a catamaran workboat from a customer and there is a willingness to retain the customer, the boatyard can buy the basic module (BM) from the network to be assembled and customized according to the boat owner requirements.