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The innovative digital business ecosystem that allows you to build new workboat catamaran with a click

Build your new catamaran workboat with a click!

 For small boatyards who want to expand their market segments and compete worldwide, MODCAT is the world’s only dedicated web portal that provides the complete range of facilities to build catamaran workboat.

The catamaran produced with the modular moulds is a shared set of common design, engineering, and production efforts, as well as major components over a number of outwardly distinct models and types of boats, produced by different boatyard with different and distinctive brand.

Aims to reduce the costs associated with the development of products by basing those products on standard catamaran platforms.

This further allows associated boatyards to create distinct models from a design perspective on similar underpinnings.

It is a methodology for introducing rationality across different work boats that share the same platform regardless of model, boat size or brand.


MODCAT questions the workboats market and wants to build and sell workboats in a different way, introducing the following innovations in boatbuilding:
Economic: introduce a sharing economy concept, a collaborative network of SMEs to share investments, tools, technologies, and supply chain regardless of model, boat size or brand of workboats produced;
Commercial: a web based digital marketplace, a virtual show room where supply/value chain actors mutually operate in a collaborative way to sell current product and to develop new ones;
Technological: transfer in the naval industry the modular chassis process developed in automotive, based on modular moulds and standardisation of components, and coupling it with Industry 4.0 key technologies.

The Digital Business Ecosystem (DBE) for boatbuilding, set up by MODCAT, is a collaborative network of boatyards, design studios, suppliers and customers, finalized to build catamaran workboats that meet specific customers’ needs with lover investment and production costs. With the investment needed to build a single catamaran model, MODCAT allows you to develop a 12 workboat catamaran family!

Boatyards involved in the MODCAT network will produce workboat catamarans on their own premises with their brand utilising the MODCAT modular production system.

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